His Nickname is pradhikta, mirza, or i always call him, aziz. ^^ All of his friend, call him with nick name "aziz" :hehe He is one of my partner in GreenNet.-inrternet cafe-. He is master photoshop, uhm.. he was very interested with photograph world.. :hehe

And this is Photo Collation of Aziz..*i think i like it :yeye*

In the Roro Kuning Area, Nganjuk, East Java  ©pradhikta

Dwi Larasati, his Girlfriend ©Pradhikta

"I think i like photograph and I wanna be a photographer," Aziz said to me. And hey!!, still.. image in t-shirt design, you can see here also made by aziz, of course with utilizing Google Image and his photoshop skill. :hehe

And more about him, he is a Administrative Staff in Junior High School. And maybe enaugh, you can call "AZIZ" too ^^ :yeye

PS : He always not interested about blog, i was trying to telling about blog with him, but always to say "i am very busy" *?* :gpp :senang


  1. hi, aziz, nice to know you

    i love taking picture too, mostly mobile photography




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