Uciha Srulz

hoo... that's me. that inspired by Naruto film. There is to tell the story about Uciha Clans, the clans which have ability powerfull, they are stronger, but the clans have revenge personality in their eyes, that called "sharinggan eyes"

like me.. on my vector.. :D :hewhew

hewhew, so failed... how pity i am... :hiks

and next, i try again vectoring my self,.. and the result is... heheh #makinglaugh

#hewhew, just explore my creativity.. why i didn't make my photos be ilustrator like chiby photos or caricature photos ? :hewhew that's high techniques i can't.. :D so i choose object which can be "Traced" by me like a photo's human. And of course need a "mid"-high resolution of photo. And the object should can be look the details, like eyes part, mouth part, etc. *not blur* -i think-

Physical Information
Name : Uciha Srulz
Age: 20 (Now)
Sex: Male
Birthday: 01/08
Bloodtype: -
Height: 168.0
Weight: 58.0 kg
Bloodline: Sharingan Eye

,... ^^ :hiahahahahaha
*please correction my english if you found something wrong... ^^ * wkwkw


  1. bagus loh :) it's awesome.
    maybe it will cooler if you open request for drawing :) yahuuuiii

    1. hehe thanks...
      hmm.. if you wanna request,.. you can request on my facebook.. ^^ :hewhew

      or email me, srulz.hasrulz@yahoo.com ^^

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks.. :D but i still more to try and try..

  3. Awesome (y) Can you make vector from my photo ? hehe.

  4. how lucky me to be ur virtual mom...heheyyy (caiyo nian ni emak)




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