Wulandari, Puspita

I am stepped, from stupid to be knew what the meaning of stupid, from zero to be one, to be two, to be three, to be ...... no end about the life. It's because of you. 

To gave me some pieces of breath, for me to breathing in my future. Thanks for you, my teacher. 

Her name's Wulandari Puspita *April 28, 1967*. One of teachers on SMK N 1 Kertosono. My teacher who support of me until now. Uhm.. not only me, even another students. 

Unfortunately, I'm not a good student haha.. so here i'm, alien in the world, to trapped in the 4 x 6 cubicle. haha. enough... i will try more to seeking the lights that ever given to me.
And once, thanks for you mom.

I'll to try and always try be a good person. -I always know what I must to do next ..... -

*i'm still learn english, so I apologize if you found something wrong in my posting.*



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